Automotive Repair and Maintenance Tools

25 Mar

The tools necessary to open an automotive shop are essential. It requires a solid understanding of shop tools to make the right choices and you must know about maintaining and using different tools correctly. An excellent automotive shop tools company will be sure that you have all appropriate parts manuals and service guidelines for all of the heavy duty equipment you buy or rent. Learn more about Automotive shop from this site. But which tools do you need? Below we review several tools used by automotive shops.
Whether you are opening a new auto shop or reconfiguring an old one, it is important to maintain your workshop in top condition at all times. One tool you will need is the power hoist. This device is used to lift and place the car back into the garage from the floor. It is important to have a sturdy and dependable power hoist so you can lift heavy vehicles without risk.
Another important tool needed is the lift table. With the exception of factory jobs, most workshops will need a lift table during the course of the year to move heavy assemblies and other large items. Lift tables come in a variety of styles with some having detachable legs to accommodate different platforms, such as the 4-wheel drive deck.
Post Hoist. If you need to move a large piece of machinery or a vehicle on a regular basis, you will likely need a post hoist to help you. The most common type of post hoist in use today is called a push unit. These hoists are often powered by either a battery of a hydraulic motor. Some modern post hoists use electricity to operate.
Hub Liner. Automotive wheel alignment requires the use of a wheel alignment tool or wheel balancer. A wheel alignment tool is an electronic device that applies force to a wheel to align it to the frame rails, which is done with little or no effort from the owner. Visit  to get more info about Automotive shop. On the other hand, a wheel balancer is a mechanical device that places a soft plug on the frame to hold the wheels in place while they are aligned. These devices are typically powered electrically.
Hub Caps. Automotive repair shops need wheel caps to protect their own wheel joints from grease and corrosion, as well as to protect customer automobiles from damage during transportation. Some caps have vacuum-sealed metal cases to help prevent corrosion. Hub caps are available in many different styles to suit a variety of applications. Learn more from .

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